Backed by decades of experience in nearly every industry

The Driving Force Group of Companies has the unrivalled capacity to meet your transportation, logistics and fleet needs. Operating in Canada and the United States, we leverage our size, broad coverage and decades of experience to solve the world’s transportation challenges—one person, one project, one community at a time.

We’re proud to be an Alberta success story. From one rented office atop a small service station, our company network now spans nearly 40 locations with almost 600 employees. While our scope and size have grown since we first opened in 1978, our core values—integrity, passion, commitment and respect—and our fundamental commitment to our customers remain unchanged.

Driving Force

An industry leader, Driving Force offers vehicle rentals, sales, leasing and fleet solutions across Canada. Business or pleasure, large or small, long-term or short-term, Driving Force delivers from coast-to-coast-to-coast and is passionate about finding solutions for complex transportation challenges.

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TDF Fleet

TDF Fleet is your commercial fleet partner in the United States. Our extensive inventory of truck, van and vehicle rentals are work-ready and can be outfitted to meet the needs of nearly any industry.

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Alata is your fleet management partner with technology solutions that turn data into insightful decisions. Fleet compliance, GPS tracking, driver behaviour monitoring, expense control, inspections, maintenance reporting and more. Alata simplifies fleet management to save you time and money.

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Hino Central

Hino Central is Western Canada’s premier Hino dealership group with three locations in Edmonton, Calgary, Langley. Offering award-winning service and parts for all makes of medium and heavy-duty trucks, Hino Central delivers customer satisfaction and professional expertise.

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Paramount Trucks

Paramount Trucks specializes in the sale of reconditioned and used commercial, utility, service, industrial and construction trucks. Serving the Greater Toronto Area since 1988, Paramount Trucks can be counted on for top-quality inventory and superior service.

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Eledone Management

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Eledone Management oversees the top-level operations of both Hino Central and Paramount Trucks. Eledone Management works with unmatched precision, strength and focus that have guided both businesses to success.

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A Better Way Forward

With geographic diversification, hard-earned expertise and transportation solutions for jobs of all sizes, The Driving Force Group of Companies is ready for anything. We welcome logistical nightmares, impossible schedules and elusive dreams because we’re backed by decades of adaptive experience in nearly every industry.